TranQuil Breeze

Kid's 3 piece Sets:

* Lotions * Shower Gels

[ Banana Rasberry * Appricot peach & Pear * Cucumber Melon

* Baby Magic * Baby Powder * Black Rasberry Vanilla *Pink Cotton candy * Creamy Coconut * Cucumber Lime * Lavender Vanilla * kiwi Mango * papaya * Strawberry * White Tea*With love by Hilary Duff * Watermelon

Fred says, welcome to TranQuil Breeze Kids Zone !

We have lots of fun fragranced Bubble Baths / shower Gels Sets , in lots of cool and refreshing sents . Pebbles added a little to much to her bath and look what happend, so just use a small amounts, our shower gels are rich in lather and smell good to .

All are custome made, call customer service to place your orders today or send us a E- Mail [email protected]

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